Treated by Dr. Robert Motazedi

Laser Assisted Liposuction

Laser assisted liposuction is the newest technology in fat removal. Safer by far than traditional surgical liposuction, utilizing only local anesthetic. This minimally invasive technique uses the heat of the laser to liquefy fat pockets and then removes them. That means that the fat cells themselves are gone, never to return. Stomachs, love handles, jowls, thighs and unsightly arms are easy to treat and require little to no down time. Most patients are able to return to work the next day and can resume physical activity in one week.

Laser-lipo involves a very small cannula, one the size of a spaghetti strand. The laser at the tip causes the fat cells to warm up, burst and easily drain away. The heat from the laser also helps the skin retract and tighten. All that remains is a nearly invisible scar, a slimmer profile and tighter, smoother skin.

When compared to the dimpled appearance of traditional liposuction, the smoother surface left by lipo-lasers offers a dramatic improvement. A gentler and less painful experience, better results and an automatic tightening of the skin as a result of the laser all add up to an improved patient experience.

Safety is Paramount

As one would expect from any medical grade laser, lipo-laser has undergone years of testing. Benefits associated with this procedure include minimal blood loss, very little bruising, smaller incisions and few complications. Laser assisted lipo requires only local anesthesia. This means that patients are fully conscious during the procedure and can provide the doctor with immediate feedback.

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Treated by Dr. Robert Motazedi